19th Century Serpent Ring “Gold-Filled “, with Garnet Gemstones:

Antique Snake ring with Garnet Eyes Gold-filled

The ring is handmade of Brass and has a “Shell” of 14 karat gold over the brass base. It is marked as such. It is unusual to find a man’s serpent ring in this Victorian period. Gold –filled is not as expensive to make which made it more affordable for the average person to have this romantic to wear.

Meaning of Serpent / Snake ring in Jewelry History;

Victorian, snake ring signifies eternal love, which was made popular from ancient’s time and the tradition revived by Albert giving a Serpent Love token Brooch to Queen Victoria. The fact is the snake ring combines two of the most potent symbols of mankind into an object of extraordinary psychological power: the ring, which is a symbol of enduring union, and the snake which symbolizes sexuality. For this reason many cultures over the ages have embraced the snake ring including Christianity, Chinese, Aztec, as well as Indian and Scandinavian culture.
A type of finger ring made in the form of a coiled snake, spiraling upward from the tail in coils around the finger and terminating with the head at the top. Examples is gold, with the body having appropriate snakeskin markings, were made in Hellenistic jewelry.
Later examples, usually with the snake tightly coiled and sometimes having a gemstone set in each eye, were worn during the Renaissance and later, especially in the Victorian era (sometimes as a mourning ring). Sometimes call a 'serpent ring.
This ring is set with three Garnets on its head. In this time period, Garnet gemstones represented “Virtue”. This ring is in worn condition and now a size 10 ¾ now but it can be resized larger or smaller within limits. This is a nice example of an Antique Snake ring in a larger size.
Price $185.00

Price: $185.00