#A191 18 karat Gold, Antique circa 1865 Garnet Ring, One of a Kind Design:

Civil War Era 18karat Gold Ring
Victorian Man's 18 karat Gold Ring

The ring is hand made of 18 karat Rose gold with some yellow gold details. It is made of several bands layer on top of a solid band for the finger band. A buildup rings faces is of Fleur de Lis two layers. Fleur de Lis means Flower. The ring is set with a garnet in a high bezel setting. The gold is marked and tested to be 18 karat gold. The ring was probably a man’s ring in the 1860’s, and is a size 6 ¾ and could be re-sized if needed. The ring is from Boston and is in excellent condition. The current replacement insured value as of June 2013 is $2100.00.

Price: $695.00