# 6013 18kt Gold and Diamond Wedding Ring with Mine Cut Natural Diamond:

Antique I'd Wedding Ring circa 1855
18 karat Gold Victorian Wedding Ring with Daimond

The setting is handmade of 18 karat Gold which is 7 mm wide on the front and 2.5 mm on the back of the band. The ring was a wedding ring from Auburn N Y and belonged to Alma Traver. The circa date is about 1855 when she would have been 18 years old. The mine cut diamond was hand cut using another diamond to cut the gemstone. Diamonds were the hardest material known at that time and used to cut almost all gems by hand. The diamond size is 26 points which is almost 1/4 carat.
Graded for Clarity: VS1, VS2-Very Slightly Imperfect--These stones have small inclusions which are slightly difficult to difficult to see under a loupe with a 10 power magnification. Color is F which is colorless! On all grading points of cut, clarity and color this diamond rates very nice quality by today diamond standards and excellent for 19th Century standards.

Diamonds weren't cut until the 14th century and it wasn't until 1725 that deposits were discovered in Brazil and it wasn't until 1866 that l South Africa's substantial storehouse was unearthed.
The hardest, densest natural substance known to man, diamonds have been a source of fascination (and misinformation) since 800 BC when they were first presented to royalty in India. In those days the Indians believed that diamonds were created when lightning struck rock. Amazingly, the sub-continent was the only producer of diamonds for an astounding 2,500 years.

Old Mine Cut Diamonds
The old mine cut diamond is the earliest form of the modern brilliant cut. Also called the "cushion cut", it has a cushioned shaped girdle. This cut of diamond is characterized by a high crown, small table, deep pavilion and large culet. Other names for this cut are: old miner and triple cut brilliant.

The diamond wedding ring which is identified to an early Victorian American is a rare find on the market do day. The gold weight of 18 karat is not used in today’s jewelry as it was used in the Victorian time. The rings size is 6 ¼ but could be re-sized if needed. The current insured replacement value is $2100.00 as of June 2013.

Price: $595.00