“Strawberry” Garnet Earrings, Hand Pierced, 14 karat Gold Filigree, plus added Beading to the Setting:

Antique Filigree Garnet Earrings
Victorian Strawberry Garnet Filigree Earrings

The gold setting tested and Marked 14K which is 14 karat yellow gold. This type of early filigree is hand pierced, meaning each opening it the setting is hand made. Later the filigree was achieved by stamping the gold work. Each earring is set with “Strawberry” garnet gemstones. This is an unusual color of garnet which looks like the color of a strawberry so it is called a Strawberry Garnet. The garnets are all natural and hand cut; each earring is set with a 2 carat gemstone. The ring is circa 1875 and a beautiful work of art.
Garnets - belongs to one of the most exciting families in the gem world. A hard, durable, often very brilliant stone, available in many colors (greens, reds, yellows, and oranges); it offers far greater versatility and opportunity for the jeweler trade than has yet been capitalized upon. Depending upon the variety, quality, and size, lovely garnets are available for under $20 per carat or more than $3,000 per carat. In the Civil War time period the garnet represented Virtue and was, and still Is, the birthstone for January.

The earrings are 1 inch tall and ½ of an inch wide. They are in excellent condition and very strong to wear. The current insured replacement value of the Garnet Earrings is $1800.00 as of June 2013.

Price: $575.00