Original French Jet Necklace Choker, Victorian:

Victorian Choker French Jet
Antique French Jet Necklace

The necklace is circa dated to Mid-Victorian time 1860 to the turn of the century. The beads of the necklace and vertical spacers are all French Jet.
Information on French Jet:
Black or occasionally very deeply colored red glass, often backed with metal foil, that's glued, fused or soldered onto a metal setting; originally intended to imitate jet, though it possesses a harder, darker glitter than the real thing; French jet beads are sometimes roughly faceted to look like jet, but will be heavier in weight and cold to the touch when compared to genuine jet; developed in the early 19th century and perfected in the 1860s, it was manufactured in France - hence the name - though also in Austria, England produced French Jet.
The necklace is 12 ½ inches long, the beads and spacers are strung on String Steel to hold its shape. The necklace it fastened with chain and hooks it can be made larger by adding more links to the chain. The height is 1 inch tall. It is strong and a fun item of original Victoriana.

Price: $125.00