Victorian, circa 1860, Small Garnet Pin with a Star set in Gold:

Anitque Garnet Pin circa 1860
Star Garnet Pin 150 years old

This is a brooch/pin that is normally worn at the collar in the center where it comes together. It was made by selecting deep red Bohemian Garnets that match in color and hand cutting each stone. The brooch is 9 karat rose gold and all handmade. This type of construction is very labor intensive and took hours to create because of the small stones and all the prongs to hold each hand cut gemstone. This Pin came from the Atlanta Georgia area. Garnets are probably the most used gemstone of the 1860’s.

Garnet, so called by the ancient Greeks because the color reminded them of the "granatum," or pomegranate seed. Noah used my inner fire as a lamp on his bow as he cast about on the ocean. The roots as a gemstone are found in the Nile Delta in 3100 B.C., where Egyptian artisans would craft me into beads or inlay me into hand-wrought jewelry. In the Victorian language of Gemstones Garnet meant “Virtue” and garnets are the birthstone for January.

This brooch is 1 1/3 inches long and 5/8 of an inch tall, it has the original T-bar Pin and C-clasp. A lot of garnet jewelry is set in vermeil which is gilded silver. This brooch, however, is 9 karat rose gold. The lovely brooch is in excellent condition and strong to wear. Current insured value as of April 2013 is $800.00.

Price: $295.00