Pre-Victorian, Chalcedony and Garnet 18 karat Gold Ring:

Anitique Calcednet Ring with inset Garnet
Victorian Garnet and Chalcedony Ring

The rings setting is handmade of 18 karat yellow Gold. It is detailed in Etruscan Revival design and made it Baltimore, Maryland about the year 1850. It was originally a man’s cravat pin and changed into a ring in the Victorian time period. The rings band is 18 karat gold also and can be resized if needed.
Chalcedony in a very interesting Agate with early history.
History Of Chalcedony Agates:

As early as the Bronze Age chalcedony was in use in the Mediterranean region; for example, on Minoan Crete at the Palace of Knossos, chalcedony seals have been recovered dating to circa 1800 BC.[6] People living along the Central Asian trade routes used various forms of chalcedony, including carnelian, to carve intaglios, ring bezels (the upper faceted portion of a gem projecting from the ring setting), and beads that show strong Greco-Roman influence.
Fine examples of first century objects made from chalcedony, possibly Kushan, were found in recent years at Tillya-tepe in north-western Afghanistan.[7] Hot wax would not stick to it so it was often used to make seal impressions. The term chalcedony is derived from the name of the ancient Greek town Chalkedon in Asia Minor, in modern English usually spelled Chalcedon, today the Kadıköy district of Istanbul.
Chalcedony cameo of Titus head, 2nd Century AD and a Chalcedony knife, AD 1000-1200
At least three varieties of chalcedony were used in the Jewish High Priest's Breastplate. (Moses' brother Aaron wore the Breastplate, with inscribed gems representing the twelve tribes of Israel). The Breastplate included jasper, chrysoprase and sardonyx, and there is some debate as to whether other agates were also used. In the 19th century Idar-Oberstein became the world's largest chalcedony processing center, in particular agate.
ALSO: American Indian considers this gemstone as a holy stone and uses it to bring brotherhood, peace and maintain harmony between people.
The ring is also set with a small Garnet which is well set with 6 prongs on the bezel around the garnet, and then the stone setting is pinned through the Agate.
The ring is a size 5 ¾ now but can be resized if needed. The current insured value is $1600.00 as of April 2013.

Price: $525.00