Bisque Shoulder Head Fashion Doll, circa 1875, Original, 20 inch Doll with Leather Body and Victorian Gown and Bonnet:

Wonderful Antique Doll with Early Gown and Bonnet
Victorian Doll Bisque Head Great Kid Body19th Century Bisque Head Doll

The term Fashion doll is used by many collectors to describe bisque-headed dolls made from c. 1860 to 1890, which represent fashionable ladies of the period and reflect the 19thC. obsession with sartorial elegance. Wealthy ladies routinely changed their costumes many time each day and the exquisitely costumed dolls with which their children played were partly luxurious symbols of affluence and party education objects: dressing a fashion doll was an effective method of perfecting a young girl’s sewing skills as well as helping her to develop fashion sense and style- essential preparation for fashionable adulthood.
This 20" shoulder head doll is on a "lady type" gusseted leather body. She is unmarked and has her original set blue glass eyes (both with some fractures), a slightly open smiling mouth with molded teeth and she wears earrings. Her coloring is quite pale which also indicates she's from the 1800's. She has a replaced wig which may be human hair and a replaced wig pate; both attached to her head. She has some old repair to the bisque. Her face painting is original and has not been over-painted; she has a happy, sweet face.
Her leather body is in good condition; it does have some patches, but it is very firm and filled with sawdust. She has replaced arms that are wired just as the original arms would have been and are suitable for p0sing.

This doll comes dressed in pantaloons that tie in the back, a chemise that closes in the back and a long half slip that buttons in the back. She also has long gray stockings. She is wearing a period beautiful embroidered lace doll gown and lined bonnet which is extra lovely and in excellent condition.
This is a beautiful doll. I suspect she is French because her teeth are molded with the head instead of separately attached as the German dolls. She also has a high forehead and pierced ears that suggest French and the French often did not mark their shoulder head dolls. Whatever her origin, she's lovely and in excellent condition over all. This is a nice height for a 19 century doll, Miller’s Doll Book value $1500.00 to $2500.00

Price: $775.00