Rare Peg wooden doll Victorian 1880 to 1900 with Dress and Pantaloons

Antique Wood Peg Doll circa 1890
Victorian Penny Doll 11 inches DollWood Penny Doll circa 1890Penney Doll

This is a pegged handmade wooden doll with moveable arms and legs in early closes. Hand caved and hand lathe used on the head and shoulder plate. She is 11 inches tall and 3 inches across the shoulder plate. The arms, legs, knees and elbows are held by pins. All parts are movable. A small chip out of the upper leg wood but strong and moves fine. The dolls are also called Penny doll because they cost ONE PENNEY in the Victorian time period.
Peg wooden dolls also known as Dutch dolls are a type of wooden doll. They originated as simple lathe turned dolls from the Val Gardena in the Alps.[1] These dolls were sold undressed. Young girls would then make their clothing from scraps of fabric. Other similarly constructed wooden dolls, using a jointing technique where the arms and/or legs are attached to the body with pegs, are some of the oldest surviving dolls, and were made worldwide. Sometimes a peg wooden doll's arms or legs are locked together by the jointing system, so if one arm is moved the other will move. An advanced form of peg joints is where the body pegs are "split" and attached separately allowing independent movement. From Wikipedia current insured value as of March 2012 $1000.00

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