Civil War Era, handmade 18 karat Gold Earrings with Pearls:

antique Gold Earrings
Victorian Earrings with Gold and Pearls

Lovely handmade set of Earrings in 18 karat Rose gold, and set with 3 natural Sea pearls and pearl drops. The earrings are circa 1860 and were worn as formal Earrings. Pearls were for “Modest Loveliness” in the Victorian language of Gemstones, a sweet thoughtful gift also for today’s kind thoughts.
Pearl History: Pearls, in fact, played the pivotal role at the most celebrated banquet in literature. To convince Rome that Egypt possessed a heritage and wealth that put it above conquest, Cleopatra wagered Marc Antony she could give the most expensive dinner in history. The Roman reclined as the queen sat with an empty plate and a goblet of wine (or vinegar). She crushed one large pearl of a pair of earrings, dissolved it in the liquid, then drank it down. Astonished, Antony declined his dinner—the matching pearl—and admitted she had won. Pliny, the world's first gemologist, writes in his famous Natural History that the two pearls were worth an estimated 60 million sesterces, or 1,875,000 ounces of fine silver ($9,375,000 with silver at $5/ounce)

The size of each earring is 1 ½ tall and 3/8 of an inch wide. The overall design of the earrings is really nice and would be noticed today as a lovely period item. Victorian earrings are very hard to fine today, and highly desirable. Current insured value as of February 2012 is $1800.00

Price: $595.00