E409 Museum Quality Memorial Pendant with Hairwork, in 15 karat Gold:


Exquisite handmade in 15 karat yellow gold on the front of the pendant and rose gold on the back framing the hairwork. The theme of the pendant is a memorial to three children. A woman is reflecting on the three urns and three cherubs/angels above the urns. Above is an Angel with a ribbon banner with "OF. SUCH . IS . THE . KINGDOM . OF . HEAVEN." Also the angel is wearing a coral armlet that means "Purity and Innocence" coral was worn by children in the Georgian and Victorian time period as a protection against evil. All enameled with Sepia color enamel. The enamel has texture on the urns, and the woman, all is expertly painted. There appears to be names and a year date on the medallion hanging on the stone holding the urns, too small to read. The outer frame is white enamel, which on Mourning Jewelry meant Children are being mourned. A crystal glass is over the artwork on both the front and back of this pendent. On the back of the brooch is woven hair that appears to be three different shades of blond color. The gold framing the hairwork is rose gold. The bail on the front is white enameled and on the reverse is only gold to blend with the gold frame. The pendant comes with the original case to protect this quality work of art.
Also included is a handmade 15-karat yellow gold chain of 19 inches long, this was on the pendant and original to the pendant. The chain work is woven gold into three-braded strand, probably symbolic for the three children. It was very rare to have gold chain work this early in history because it was extremely labor intensive and few master goldsmiths would have the skills to make this type of chain. The chain closes with a barrel clasp, which is correct for this time period.
The time period would be the last quarter of the 18th Century to the first quarter of the 19th Century.
The pendant is from the Hunt Valley area to Baltimore County. This is the elite part of Baltimore County, horse country, steeplechases and etc.
The pendant and chain work are Irreplaceable but to insure this item the minimum value would be $18,500.00 as of September 2016.

Price: $5,500.00