Fede Ring, Betrothal Ring in 14 karat Gold with Small Diamonds:

 Betrothal Gold Ring

The ring is marked 14 karat Gold and holds two small diamonds, one in each hand. FEDE is the Italian word for TRUST. The Fede Ring is decorated with a pair of hands designed to form the rings band. Usually they were made of silver, sometimes gold. They have been used since ancient Roman times and were most popular throughout Europe from the 12th until the 18th century.
Long before the diamond engagement ring, 'fede' rings like this were used for betrothals. Popular in central and northern Italy during the Renaissance and through the sixteenth century. The ring is a symbol of faith and concord. In Italian, they were known as 'Mani in fede.
The circa date is unknown but believed to be in the 19th Century. It is a size 6 now and could be re sized.
Price $175.00

Price: $175.00