Civil War Era, Matching Pair Bridal Bangle Etruscan Revival Bracelets:

Antique Set of Wedding Bracelets
Victorian gold -filled set of BanglesBloomed Gold set of Victorian Bangles

A set of Bangles are seldom still together after all this time. This pair is circa 1860 and was handmade by a Master Goldsmith in America in the mid-19th century.
These bracelets are a work of art. The front of each bracelet is also handmade in the original Roman style of filigree. This type of filigree was applied to a gold surface and fused onto the base to form a raised pattern of design.
A bit of history on the original Etruscan's: Because a tomb was uncovered in the early 1800’s and jewelry items were found, the gold smiths of the day copied this style of jewelry. So the original items made in the Victorian times were called Etruscan Revival, and were most popular between 1850 and 1860. Below is a bit of history of the Etruscans.
Along the west coast of Italy from 500 B.C. to 300 B.C., Etruscan civilization preceded the rise of ancient Rome. The Etruscans were famed for their advanced techniques in working with gold jewelry. An Italian jeweler in the early 1800s Pio Castelanni) was captivated by the haunting beauty of surviving Etruscan gold Jewelry.
The bangle bracelets are 15 karat yellow gold with a base of Sterling Silver for strength on the bands of the bracelet but the filigree work in all Gold not filled. The tradition of Wedding or Bridal Bracelets is that the parents of the bride gave a set of bangle bracelets to their daughter before her wedding and the bride would wear them at her wedding and throughout life and when the time was right she give one bracelet to her daughter and the next bracelet to the next daughter in the birth order (or to the son’s wife it the second child is a son.) So the bracelets usually did not stay together. With this set, one of the bracelets has more wear to it than the other one. The gold is a bloomed Gold with an acid it put onto the gold to give it a matt look as the original Etruscan jewelry was made.
These are a nice size and would fit most women’s wrist of today. The size is 7 1/4 inches of the inside bracelet measurement. The bangle width is just over 3/4 inch wide. The clasps are strong that both have safety chains with clasps on the bracelets. Both are in very fine condition with very minor wear, but extremely hard to find a set with all he quality detail these have. The current insured value as of 2011 is $2700.00

Price: $575.00