Victorian Design, Meshwork Foxtail Bracelet with A Roych Wrist Watch under an Enameled Locket:

1920'S Royce Watch
Victorian Look Bracelet with Wrist WatchAntique Wrist Watch with Meshwork

This item is a very Victorian look but is a later 1925 era wristwatch. It is all gold-filled, the meshwork band, enameled top of flowers and the foxtail tassels on the band. This style of meshwork bracelets were very popular in the 1860’s to the 1880’s. This could be worn for re-enacting and no one would know you have a wrist watch. The watch was purchased in Maryland from a watch dealer and he dated it 1920’s. The brand name is “Royce”, he said it was a Swiss jeweled movement and a good watch. It is running but he said it needed cleaning. The watch is not guaranteed to work, mainly a collector’s item of jewelry. The top opens under the watch to adjust to different wrist sizes the largest is 7 ½ inch to 6 ¼ the smallest. The band is 1 ½ wide at the watch case area and 1 inch on the meshwork area. Bracelet is in very good condition including the entire foxtail fringe.

Price: $175.00