Antique, Quality Shell Cameo Brooch or Pendant set in Gold with a Seed Pearl Ribbon.

Victorian Shell Cameo Pendant and Brooch
Post Civil War Cameo Pin or Pendant

The fine detail gold work surrounds the setting of the bezel set frame that holds the cameo. The shell cameo is hand carved from a natural seashell, around the year 1870. The motif is of a Classical Woman which was a popular theme to give to girls of the Victorian time period. The figure has nice relief or depth. The carving is set in a handmade 10 karat yellow gold setting which is a lacy ribbon motif and small seed pearls woven through the setting. The cameo and gold work are in excellent condition and fine to wear as a brooch or a pendant in which the bale is folded down when worn as a brooch. The size is 1 ½ tall by 1 1/8 wide this is with be bale folded down.The current insured value as of February 2011 is $2000.00.

Price: $675.00