Quality Victorian Symbolic “Wiggle” Fish of 18 karat gold.

Antique Fish Pendant White and Yellow 18 karat Gold

In this time period it was a prevalent belief that “To see fish moving freely was an omen of wealth and personal power”. The Victorians called the fish “Wiggle Fish” and were given as good luck gifts and expressing one’s esteem. This is circa 1880 and has both white gold and yellow gold.
The pendant is very well made and moves freely and the fish has a lot of detail in the gold work. The size is 2 1/8 inches long including bale and 5/8th wide. This came from Baltimore Maryland collector of 40 years of antique jewelry and these are seldom seen on the antique market today. The pendant is in excellent condition and on a new 16 inch 14 karat gold chain and a new 18 karat gold bale (the ring which hold the chain) ring, which I had put onto the fish pendant. Current insured value as of November 2010 is $2000.00

Price: $695.00