Original Victorian 9 karat Gold Book Chain Necklace:

civil war era Gold book chain necklace

Handmade of 9 karat yellow gold, and is 19 ½ inches long. A lot of book chains of the Victorian time period are gold-filled but this one is SOLID GOLD. Each link with in the chain looks like a small book, which is why it is called a book chain.
Victorian Book Chain Jewelry
Antique jewelry lovers will find book chain necklaces charming. The elegant book chain design was a popular Victorian jewelry design choice for styles such as lockets, cameos and all chain necklaces. The gold links are hand stamped to form the design.
Book chain style necklaces refer to a design involving a chain with links that are shaped like books. This design emerged during the Victorian era and was popular through the Edwardian period.
When most people think of book chain jewelry, they consider it a Victorian style. Victorian book chain jewelry designs were elegant and included some of the most intricate artistic details on each book link such as engraved filigrees and scrollwork. Necklaces and bracelets were the most common forms of jewelry featuring book chain.
Victorian book chain style necklaces designs included:
• Cameo necklaces
• Locket necklaces
• Necklaces with artistic gem stone pendant designs
Wonderful condition and strong to wear, and can be worn by it’s self or with a pendant.
The insured value as of November 2010 is $1900.00

Price: $675.00