7001 Banded Agate Watch Fob can be worn as a Dramatic Pendant Set in 9 karat Gold:

Civil War Era Pendant or Fob

The setting is handmade in 9 karat yellow gold and is set with three Banded Agate stones that was hand polished; a method used in the 10th century in which stones were hand polished by Monks. This method was still use in the 19th century. Banded Agates grow naturally in bands of color, sometimes just black and white other bands have sardonyx bands which are the brown tones, as these agates.
Agate is said by the ancients to render the wearer invisible, Agate has one of the more outlandish uses is binding an Agate to each horn of your oxen to ensure a good harvest. The danger here is that your appropriately agated beasts of burden may then become invisible and a little hard to find.
In 1709 a Brazilian priest planned to use agates as antigravity devices on an air ship he had designed. This is an unusual Agate fact!
Agate is believed to cure insomnia, ensure pleasant dreams, protect from danger, and promote strength, healing and a bold heart. Wearers become temperate, continent and cautious. Agate is a cooling stone; it reduces fever, quenches thirst, quiets the pulse and heart throbs and ensures good health and a long and prosperous life.
The fob has the original spring ring to hold a watch which would be put into the vest watch pocket and the fob would hang out for decoration. It height is 4 ½ inches long and 1 ¼ inches at the widest area. The current insured value as of November 2010 is $1725.00

Price: $575.00