7008 Museum Quality Cameo Pendent depicting a Victorian Lady, Set in 18karat Gold.

Victorian Hardstone Cameo

7008 Museum Quality Cameo Pendent depicting a Victorian Lady, Set in 18karat Gold. The carving is very detailed; she wears Victorian clothes and is wonderfully carved even showing earring and a brooch on the lady, and is Mid-19th Century in time period. The cameo is carved of black banded Agate, which is one stone grown natural in bands of black and white. All the carving in this cameo is an artwork due to the skill of the carver. The frame is surrounded by 27 pearls; the gold work is handmade of 18 karat yellow gold. A very desirable collector’s piece and museum quality cameo.
About Hardstone Cameos:
Agate is the most popular gemstone for carving cameos. Agate is micro-crystalline quartz. It is popular because of its durability. Ancient Greek and Roman jewelers carved cameos out of agate. The oldest agate cameo found dates back to around 200 B.C.

Agate also comes in a variety of different colors. Many modern cameos are made from banded agate, which simply means that the agate has naturally formed bands of color running through it.

Hardstone cameos have been carved in gemstone since ancient times and used on helmets and military accessories like breastplates and sword handles, on rings and other jewelry, and on vases, cups and dishes. During the Middle Ages, Pope Paul II was an avid cameo collector. Napoleon, who started a school to teach the art of cameo carving in Europe, loved cameos.

The most popular motif for a cameo carved from gemstone is the profile of a woman. However, because it is "tougher" than a shell cameo, many themes could be carved into agate and other "hardstones". These themes included: gods/goddesses, mythology, birds and flowers.
The cameo is a pendant and comes with an 18 inch chain. The height is 1 inch tall and the width is ¾ of an inch across. This pendant is a quality work of art.
The insured value as of October 2010 is $2800.00

Price: $995.00