An Original Garnet Necklace Pre-Civil War Era

Antique 1850 Garnet Necklace
Natural handmade Victorian Garnet pendant

This handmade necklace is handmade of Vermeil.
Definition of Vermeil, a French word which came into use in the English language, mostly in America, in the 19th century as an alternative for the usual term silver-gilt is a combination of sterling silver and gold, and other precious metals. It is commonly used as a component in jewelry.
These exquisite genuine Bohemian garnet jewels are natural garnets with nice, deep fiery red color that are highly prized. The Bohemian garnet jewels are from what is now know as The Czech Republic, were known to have adorned the dresses of Russian tsarinas at the Vienna congress after the Napoleon fall in 1815. During the ninetieth century the appearance of the Bohemian garnet jewelry has reached the characteristic designs in which garnets dominate the gemstones in popularity. In the Georgian times, these garnets were called the “Bohemian Ruby”. Each rich deep gemstone is hand rose cut to reflect the candle light of the “Evenings Social” affairs .The gemstone Garnet means Virtue in the Victorian “Language of Gemstones”.
The necklace is in a cluster motif and has a cluster pendant as a center drop. The necklace is 16 inches long and the length of the drop is 2 ½ inches. This necklace is nicely made with each faceted gem has a solid backing.
This is a great 1850 handmade Garnet Necklace to own and to wear.

Price: $775.00