An Original One of a Kind, Handmade Egyptian Revival 9 karat Gold Necklace Hallmarked and made in the Year 1857:


This necklace is handmade of yellow gold and marked 9kt. It was made in Birmingham England and marked with an anchor. The length is 16 ½ inches long and 1 inch wide at the center, graduated to ¼ inch to the ends. The style of the necklace is Egyptian Revival and made in the year of 1857.
Information on Egyptian Revival Jewelry:
The first major Egyptian Revival period was after Napoleon's campaigns in Egypt (1798-99) and the subsequent occupation by the British. During this time, Europeans became fascinated with the ancient Egyptian architecture and furniture. Egyptian ornamentation like scarab beetles, sphinxes, winged lions and lotuses, often with gilding, were applied to modern forms to create the hybrid style referred to as "Egyptian Revival".
It then came out again in the 1820s-1850s. Egyptian Revival emerged as a result of the famous archaeological digs of the 19th century and was primarily used for memorials, Masonic temples, cemeteries and prisons. This style is distinguished by its adaptation of Egyptian forms and motifs, including lotus blossoms, the winged disk symbol of the sun God, as well as the use of bold colors. Other items were made and reflect the population's desire for the exotic.
The necklace is in excellent condition and strong to wear. The end rings are both marked 9 karat gold and were originally tied with a ribbon but later a spring clasp was added. This is a beautiful and rare necklace and great item of nineteenth century jewelry.

Price: $1,495.00