Amazing Victorian Diamond Ring of 16 Hand cut Diamonds


The ring is handmade of 18 karat yellow gold band with 14kt white gold prongs for the Diamond settings.
The ring is set with 6 Mine cut Natural Diamond in the center and 5 European cut Diamonds on the top row and 5 European on the bottom row. The diamonds have a total carat weight of 1.25 carats
The diamonds are cut in a style that is called Mine Cut which is a cutting style. The mine cut diamond is the earliest form of the modern brilliant cut, and it is also called the cushion cut, old miner and triple cut brilliant.
The (10) Ten European cut diamonds are very similar to the Mine cut but with a different number of Facets. And the old European cut diamonds has a circular girdle.
The diamond in this ring is very fine quality with a clarity rating of VVS1, VVS2 - Very Very Slightly Imperfect These stones have very small inclusions which are very difficult to see under a loupe with a 10 power magnification.
The Color grade is an I to J which is Near Colorless which is also a very good rating. To truly color rate a diamond it should not be mounted because the mounting color can reflect in the stone. So it is possible it is even higher on the chart. This is a wonderful rating for Diamonds in the Victorian time period.
When judging diamonds in antique jewelry, one must be careful not to judge them by modern standards. Antique diamonds have a soft romantic glow that many people find very appealing.
Antique diamonds were cut to maximize carat weight, not "fire". That's why the proportions of old diamonds are quite different from their modern counterparts.
Diamonds were cut by hand until the early 1900's. This was a laborious, time-consuming process. Unfortunately, many antique diamonds have been re-cut with modern cutting techniques. This has caused demand for these old cut diamonds to soar in recent years, along with the prices that people are willing to pay for them. An antique diamond is oftentimes more expensive than a new diamond with the same carat weight.
Diamonds are hardest, rarest, densest natural substance known to man; diamonds have been a source of fascination since 800 BC when they were first presented to royalty in India.

In those days the Indians believed that diamonds were created when lightning struck rock.
Amazingly the sub-continent was the only producer of diamonds for an astounding 2,500 years. It is said the Greeks believed diamonds were tears of the gods; the Romans believed they were splinters of fallen stars. Many long dead cultures have sought the divine or the mystical in diamond, thereby explaining its specialties. The ring is a size 61/2 but can be resized if need. All parts are in excellent condition and the ring is strong to wear. The ring is spectacular when worn.

Price: $3,750.00