An Extraordinary Pre- Civil War Vinaigrette Two Sided Pendant of 15 karat Gold

Victorian Pendant for Perfume
Year 1855 Vinaigrette in GoldPhoto of closed Vinaigrette on the side

This pendant is handmade of 15 karat yellow gold. On the front is a flower design in engraved gold work with the background enameled in a coral color. The other side is a shield with an N in the center. The edges are perforated so that the fragrance could escape. This is circa dated to 1855 from the collector I purchased it.
Vinaigrettes are small containers of various shapes with a hinged lid. The container contains a piece of natural sponge soaked in an aromatic vinegar or perfume. Its purpose was multifold: to counteract unpleasant odors, or therapeutically as an inhalant when a woman fainted.
This hinges from the top and open to hold a piece of fabric or cotton with your perfume to wear as a pendant. The size is 1 ½ inches tall by ¾ inches wide. This comes with a 19 inch chain.

Price: $695.00