Rare Civil War Era Woman’s Masonic Ring

civil War Period masonic Ring

This is handmade of 10 karat rose gold and has a hand engraved “Square and Compass” and the G. for God and Geometry. The gemstone is Blood Stone and the engraved stone is glided with gold.
About Bloodstone:
Medieval Christians often used bloodstone to carve scenes of the crucifixion and martyrs, for which reason it was also dubbed the martyr's stone. According to the legend about the origin of bloodstone, it was first formed when drops of Christ's blood fell and stained some jasper at the foot of the cross. A beautiful example of carved bloodstone with the seal of the German emperor Rudolf II can be seen at the Louvre in Paris.
This ring is very dainty and feminine with the natural seed pearls strung around the ring with wire for the strength because it is a ring and would get harder use than a pendant or pin. Ladies while traveling would wear the Masonic symbol in case they needed help in any way, they could go to a Mason anywhere and show the symbol and be cared for because there husband or father were Mansions. The Masonic symbol ring is circa 1860 in time period and from Pennsylvania. The size is 3 now but could be resized if need larger or smaller. The ring is a rare find and in excellent condition.

Price: $295.00