18kt Yellow Gold Diamond Earrings Year 1860


This pair of earrings are handmade of 18 karat yellow gold and set with hand cut old antique cut natural diamonds of 15 points each. The wires hook behind the ear with a safety hook and they are strong to wear.
Antique Diamonds
When judging diamonds in antique jewelry, one must be careful not to judge antique diamonds by modern standards. Antique diamonds have a soft romantic glow that many people find very appealing. Antique diamonds typically have smaller tables, higher crowns, deeper pavilions and thicker girdles than their modern counterparts. Antique diamonds were cut to maximize carat weight, not "fire". That's why the proportions of old diamonds are quite different from their modern counterparts.

Diamonds were cut by hand until the early 1900's. This was a laborious, time-consuming process. Unfortunately, many antique diamonds have been re-cut with modern cutting techniques. This has caused demand for these old cut diamonds to soar in recent years, along with the prices that people are willing to pay for them. An antique diamond is oftentimes more expensive than a new diamond with the same carat weight.
The earrings are nice and have a lot of movement when worn. They are 7/8th of an inch long and 5/8 inches wide and are in excellent condition.

Price: $595.00