Civil War Era Sweet Pearl and Diamond Pendant with Bow Design.


Bow pendant is 14 karat yellow gold that is handmade and set with small pearls that are natural sea pearls. These are a not even cultured pearls; that was not done until after the turn of the century. This came from Leesburg, Virginia and the “Bow” design is an early Victorian look which was popular in the 1840’s, and in the Victorian language of Objects the Bow meant “God’s Power”. The pendent was worn with a ribbon but I have added a 14 karat 18 inch gold chain. The pendant with pearls represented “Modest Loveliness” The size is 1 1/3 inches long and 3/4 inches wide. The dangle pearl is a baroque pearl; this is a natural sea pearl that is not round.

Facts of Pearls: The pearl was the favored gem of the wealthy during the time of the Roman Empire. This intriguing gift from the sea had been brought back from the Orient by the Crusaders. Roman women wore pearls to bed so they could be reminded of their wealth immediately upon awakening. Pearls were once considered an exclusive privilege for royalty. A law of 1612, drawn up by the Duke of Saxony, prohibited the wearing of pearls by nobility, professors, doctors or their wives. On the other side of the world, pearls were being worn for adornment by the American Indians. The freshwater pearls of the Mississippi River were strung into necklaces, sewn onto headdresses and set into copper ornaments. This is a very quality Victorian Pendant and just gorgeous to wear.

Price: $795.00